Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is a SpikeMate?

Answer:  SpikeMate is a lightweight, portable device that attaches to a basketball rim. Simply adjust the basketball goal to the proper height and begin mastering the skills of volleyball.


Question: What is the maximum hitting height?

Answer: From the ground to the top of the volleyball is 9 foot if your basketball goal is adjusted to the normal 10 foot height.


Questions: What skills can be improved by using SpikeMate?

Answer: There is numerous technique and skills that can be mastered by using the SpikeMate such as Timing, Footwork, Power Hitting, Inner Core Building, Velocity, Angles, Depth, Serving, Passing and Setting.


Question: Is SpikeMate easy to setup?

Answer: No tools required!!! Due to its light weight and simplicity, SpikeMate is extremely easy to setup. Simply unfold the arms and basket then connect to the rim via a hand screw. You will begin hitting in seconds!


Question: Is SpikeMate easy to store and transport?

Answer: Yes, SpikeMate’s arms and catcher are foldable which reduces the size to a flat configuration. Its size and lightweight design makes for easy storage and transportation.


Question: Is SpikeMate for Hitters only?

Answer: Since SpikeMate can be used with one or several people, it is specially designed for Hitters, Setters, Liberos and Defensive Specialists.


Question: Who can use SpikeMate?

Answer: SpikeMate can be used by anybody interested in volleyball. There are no skill or age limits. It can be used from beginners to collegiate level.


Question: Will SpikeMate fit any basketball rim?

Answer: SpikeMate fits standard basketball rims, including double rims.


Question: How many balls can SpikeMate store?

Answer: SpikeMate can store up to 5 balls at any given time for continuous delivery.


Question: Can SpikeMate be rotated on the rim?

Answer: Yes, SpikeMate can be rotated on the basketball rim for any position. This allows the balls to be hit from any direction.


Question: How do I order replacement parts?

Answer: Go to "Contact Us" on our website and give us a brief description of the part needed. SpikeMate provides a 90 day parts replacement warranty.