SpikeMate Testimonials

"My daughters love the hitting device"

~~ Dunwoody, Georgia


"I purchased a SpikeMate trainer for my daughter last month. She loves it!"

~~ Tampa, Florida


“Love the SpikeMate

Purchased the SpikeMate in Feb 2014 and do not have a single complaint with the product.
Having a family with 3 kids and 2 adults that play volleyball made this a good investment. We set it up in the backyard with a net to catch all the spikes and use it fairly often.
We also took the SpikeMate to some of our local club volleyball instructional practices and the kids love using it. You can take the time to work with each child on the proper approach and hitting technique without having to worry about timing the set.”

~~Sierra Vista, Arizona


“Cool product.   Kelly now practices at home also.”

~~San Jose, California


"Thanks so much for your ingenuity regarding the SpikeMate. It is truly a remarkable tool for developing hitting skills!"

~~Huron, Ohio



“We love it. HK is very pumped! Great idea.”

~~Wando, South Carolina


“I bought a SpikeMate and we really like the it.   IT REALLY does work like you said and she really likes practicing with it.   I showed it to her HS coach and he was enamored with it too.  Works like you described, and as you said the hopper is more of a way to get the balls in and will work good for a setter.”

~~Dacula, Georgia


"The SpikeMate is incredible!  My daughter has improved her game tremendously. Now, several of her teammates want one!"

~~ Littleton, Colorado


“My daughters love the SpikeMate.  As a coach, I take it to club practices and it is perfect for training all ages.  It is very well built.”

~~Mason, Ohio


“The spikemate works GREAT for my older and younger daughters!  Thanks!”

~~Salina, Kansas


“Awesome Product!!!”

~~Las Vegas, Nevada